Our Services

Turn-key, turn the key or ready for use are common in Real Estate and Business. RAM-SBC offers turnkey solutions as a hassle-free option as curated by our skilled and agile in-house team excelling at safe, innovative and efficient engineering solutions tailored to the needs complying local standards and regulations.

Through RAM-SBC’s Design + Build services, your project is simplified and streamlined. Client will be focused on making the macro decisions and confidently leaving the micro details to us!
Our indispensable team has curated the formula to perfection to lead the Design + Build services. Top-tiers are delivered across to every production and installation. We are constantly thrilled to bring out our finished output.

Value Engineering is a systematic method gathering the building project information, analysing functions orientation, generating alternative solutions, evaluating probable performance and implementation, developing into viable actions and RAM-SBC presents the value-cost analysis and cost-effective solutions, whilst maintaining and upholding the project value to Clients.

RAM-SBC specializes envisioning and grasping Client’s construction requirements noting construction budget and timeframe, ensuring the project’s feasibility on all given considerations with local and international standard regulations.
We help you streamline every process to Client from pre-construction to closeout; generating ideas to build with less risk and profitable returns.

RAM-SBC turns your ambitious project turn into solid reality. We work closely from design inception, progress and efficient procurement to carefully execute with time and cost.
Combing the team’s diverse experience, RAM-SBC is your reliable partner delivering your next project. We pride ourself on customer service satisfaction and proven to clearly communicate to attain our business goal: seamless and superior output.

Let RAM-SBC handle seamlessly your next project with our competent construction managers. The entire project complexity will be overseen with project risks remarkably reduced, centralized communication across, added accountability, time and cost value significant savings and protection from legal liabilities.