Quality & HSE

Quality Control & Assurance

Quality Assurance focuses on providing reliability that high quality requirements will be met while Quality Control ensures that requirements are met with regular inspection checks, gathered information analysis, and eliminating the potential underlying risks.

An integrated approach is used by RAM-SBC where issues are systematically determined and steps are undertaken saving your project cost and time while upholding the industry standards.

Health and Safety

Given the clear risks associated and inherent dangers in construction, RAM-SBC vitally view to take the issue of health and safety seriously. We recognize the essential tasks for achieving healthy and safe construction sites which includes the planning, organizing, controlling, monitoring and reviewing health and safety throughout the life of a project. We strictly adhere to the protocols imposed to who we work with.

Delivering a workspace that’s safe and secure is a responsibility RAM-SBC can keep.

Environmental Management System

RAM-SBC develops a certain framework that helps us achieve our environmental goals through consistent review, evaluation, and improvement of environmental performance.

Each RAM-SBC member continues to be educated for the environmental regulations, enhanced compliance, pollution prevention, resource conservation, innovative markets, increased efficiency, cost reduction and key awareness of environmental issues and responsibilities.